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About Office Centre NZ

Your Home, Business & School Online Supply Store

Officecentre was founded by a family owned private company located in the rural town of Kaitaia in the real Far North of New Zealand. 
We have been operating as a company since 1965 beginning as a small farming business with one employee. Today the company is still in farming but has diversified into retail under our Folders brand selling a wide range of products including household appliances, alternative energy systems, security systems, IT networking, computers, electronics, beds and bedroom furniture and of course stationery and office supplies. Our online business started with stationery and office products hence the name Officecentre but we quickly found our customers were asking for a wider and wider offering hence the ever increasing range of products you now find on the site.
We have numerous franchises that include BedsRUs, Jaycar, Kodak Express, and 100% and have in excess of thirty committed and loyal employees today.
Despite operating as an independent retailer among an industry of big box corporates, we have continued to build a loyal customer base, provide a wide range of products and services and can price match with the best of them. Hence, we continue to enjoy impressive growth. We credit our ongoing success to staying true to the family values and dedication to customer service on which the business was founded.
Some may be surprised that we chose to locate our distribution centre so far from the main market in Auckland but in the digital world all things are possible and sometimes preferable. Service and delivery are also just as good as anywhere else in the country and a small rural town can provide a much lower cost structure and an ample supply of good people to work for us. For our customers this fact is reflected in the price - check them out!
We also pride ourselves on the personal touch. We ARE contactable on the phone and you will talk to a real person that works for us and can give immediate answers and service not someone working in a call centre. So if you have a problem or query just call us on Freephone 0800 002 217
We offer a wide range of products needed to effectively run your business, school, or home. None of our products are parallel imported and therefore meet New Zealand regulations and comply with manufacturers NZ warranty conditions. We are committed to providing great customer service and timely deliveries nationally and internationally when required.
You can purchase products online as a casual customer or contact us so we can discuss your ongoing requirements. Experience has taught us that when we study and understand our customers needs, we are then in the best position to provide you with exactly what you desire - each and every time.